Why Should You Adopt a Pet? (REAL Truth Behind Adopt Don’t Shop)

Want to know more about why you should adopt a pet (and not shop) and pet rescue? Are you interested in adopting a cat or adopting a dog? Read this first before searching adopt a pet near me or spending hours scrolling cute pictures on the adopt a pet website!

Why Adopt a Pet? child walking a small dog on a street

We have eight surprising reasons to adopt a pet…

And also…

…three very sad not so fun facts about what happens when people don’t use pet adoption.

Learn why pet adoption is the best option and how to adopt a pet today from animal shelters!

kitten brushing his head against a human hand

8 Surprising Reasons for Adopting a Pet

1. You’re saving a life!

2. Around 25% of shelter dogs are purebreds, so if that is your thing, you can get one a lot cheaper (and, save a life!).

3. Shelter animals are grateful, amazing companions.

4. Rescuing a pet helps other animals by freeing up space in full shelters.

5. Rescuing teaches kids a valuable lesson about responsibility and helping others and the community.

6. The small adoption fee you may pay helps the shelter provide services for other animals.

7. You may save time and money. Many shelter pets are already trained and housebroken!

8. You’ll help fight cruelty and suffering. (What’s better than that?)


sad light brown puppy with huge ears sticking up with his paw on a wall looking into camera

Not So Fun Facts About Pet Rescue

1. Only 1 dog out of every 10 dogs will find a permanent home, meaning the rest are strays, in shelters, or being euthanized.

2. Approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed each year because shelters are too full and there was no one to adopt the pets.

3. Owners relinquishing pets (or “giving them up”) is one of the main reasons animals come to shelters. So, these are pets who are used to being in homes and around families and then suddenly left in a shelter. (How sad!)

*sources: DoSomething.org; ASPCA.org

Please consider a local shelter to adopt a pet!

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