WhyRescuePets.com was started by Jackie, a regular person who just happens to love animals. She’s been rescuing and adopting dogs and cats and supporting animal shelters and pet adoptions for 25 years.

She created WhyRescuePets.com to spread the importance of adopting dogs and cats when she noticed a gap between cute pet adoption pictures online and sad stories of what happen to shelter pets.

Jackie wants this site to be a resource for helping people understand the pet adoption process, recommending pet products and supplies, and providing eye-opening information on the number and type of pets in shelters, why and how they end up there, and what you can do about it.

She firmly believes that everyone should always adopt and not shop.

About Why Rescue Pets close up of a black pit bull face lying on a couch



Jackie has been adopting shelter pets and participating in adopt not shop since 1994.

In 2012, Jackie became an accidental pit bull advocate when her husband and 4-year-old daughter visited a local animal shelter and fell in love with a pit bull. It was then that her family realized what great dogs they are to have in a family.

Since then, they have become vocal supporters of pitties.

Jackie (sadly) lives in a landlocked state with her husband, daughter, 2 pitties, 2 cats, and one non-descript fish.

She wants goats, but the Home Owner’s Association says, “No.”

She’s really bummed about it.